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Kuro Hagai

Kuro Hagai Magazine
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A fic community following the adventures of Akemi Otani and Kiruni Mota.

Kuro Hagai (Black Wing) Magazine is an up in-coming japanese magazine. It deals with everything from celebrities to japanese culture to fashion advice. Located in the heart of downtown Tokyo, it is a quaint little office building with 4 studio, a massive costume closet, 2 editing suites and much more.

Akemi Otani
Head Photographer at Kuro Hagai Magazine.

The shy co-owner with a bright and flouncy spirit. Although she is smart and beautiful she's quiet and very modest.She is amazingly talented with a camera and loves producing graphics and drawing. Even though she is timid, she'll make sure to put you in your place if you disturb her shoot.

Kiruni Mota
Head Editor at Kuro Hagai Magazine.

The sassy co-owner who never takes no for an answer. Having a passion for writing and reading at a very young age, she has dedicated her life to entertaining her readers. Don't get on her bad side, or the whole of Tokyo will be reading your dirty little secrets the next morning.